Hugo on Github Pages

The earlier iteration of was hosted in Octopress, which was written in Ruby. One day I tried to write a new post after leaving the blog untouched for a long time, and long story short, I wound up in some kind of Ruby module dependency hell. This was like ten years ago, and it was too much. I shelved the site and never got back to it. These days it seems like the hotness in static website generation is Jekyll, but, like, it’s Ruby. [Read More]

A fresh start for

It’s a fresh start for! No, I don’t need another blog. No one needs another blog. What I need is a place to take notes and keep a journal of some of my current technical projects. Almost entirely stuff I’m doing for fun. I figure maybe it’ll show up in Internet searches when someone is trying to solve the same problems I’m working on. Probably it will be me. Most likely it will. [Read More]